Client Review

As an active couple in our early eighties, we realized that making our home safe from accidents was a situation that should be addressed. My husband found a business that answered our needs, Daring by Design.

Dale Miller analyzed our lifestyle and studied the indoor and outdoor architecture of our residence. This led us to select her firm as the one to answer our needs.

I was adamant about our home maintaining its warm and classic character. It was not to resemble a gym or a rehabilitation center. Dale smiled at my concerns and assured me that our home would be safe and stately.

The work is now completed. Dale was right. Our home is safer than it was, but it looks the same. Those needed interior and exterior railings have been absorbed into the architecture and do not draw attention to themselves nor detract from the decor. The additions look as if they belong in our home.

Thank you, Dale, you do great work and have become good friend.

Margaret Flynn