Client Review

My partner and I moved into a condo that was built 26 years ago that needed a complete makeover. It is a complicated space because it is an open floor plan with lots of windows, angles, and planes.

We retained Dale Miller of Daring by Design to consult on the interior design and we could not be happier. The condo has been completely transformed. It gives us pleasure every day surrounded by a flawless and beautiful interior.

We started with extensive discussions regarding our tastes and objectives. Dale presented a specific plan for the apartment. She took us shopping and showed us many options and then started to narrow things down. She kept control of the process, but she always solicited our input to insure we were comfortable with the choices made.

Dale has shown a total commitment to the project, as well as attention to detail. One of my concerns in using a designer is that some people end up with a nice space, but it could be impersonal and does not really reflect their own taste. Dale spent considerable time getting to know us and our tastes in color and furnishings.

Dale was completely engaged in insuring that every stage of the project went smoothly. She and her team coordinated orders and deliveries. They were here for every furniture delivery and if there were any issues resolved them promptly. They also oversaw the contractors for the painting and carpeting.

To sum it up, we have a beautiful environment to live in. We simply could not have done it without Dale Miller and Daring by Design. I would unhesitatingly recommend Dale Miller to prospective clients.

Dr. Richard Goldsmith